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Every first step in any aspects we take, we give ourselves a better chance in the industry.

As COVID has been difficult for many people and business for these two years, it would be a blessing that KHOO SUN is still standing tall despite all these difficult times and competing against many massive printing house in Singapore. Nonetheless, we would like to thank you for all your supports and understanding, we have decided to renovate our website to broaden our network and hopefully, we could be the partner you need for your business.

Revamping our Website

Recently, we have changed our domain if you didn't notice. Our new website will be updated constantly to provide you with more information and transparency between the relationship of a client, supplier and us. As the website is constantly in the process of updating, there will bound to be some bugs or missing links. If this happens to you, always head back to the homepage. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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